Services that can be Provided

Services we can provide for believers for a suggested donation to the ministry in Israel are as follows:

  • We can come to your hotel for groups or more than 2 people
    Christ in the Passover presentation 45 min
    Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles 30 min
    Israel update on the ministry here on the mission field
  • Private Room available and bathroom with continental breakfast 15 min from airport and near beach, restaurants buses and trains.
  • Messianic Shabbath dinner near the beach
  • Outreach (gift optional)
  • Visit our Ministry house before going to the airport, get to know us as local Messianics
  • Possible assistance to airport during reasonable hours $25.00
  • Volunteer and helping possibility longer term

***I am not saying pay to pray but we can host them in the home and pray for them is the idea.

Suggested donations

A donation of 65.US dollars for the room donate online in advance , no refunds, no exceptions

Feasts suggested donation $100.00 for gas

Dinner Shabbath $25.00