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Shalom Dearest beloved friends of Israel, Merry Messiahmass from Israel!


There is so much to tell you I hope you can grab a hot coffee or drink and sit in a comfortable chair near the fireplace and read all God is doing here! The summer just seemed endless until now recently in December we were wearing short sleeves and going to the beach. NO doubt the Lord was redeeming our summer that was cut short last year by the Gaza attacks on Israel. If you remember we could not go outside because missiles were being launched against us several times a day in our major cities. Fast forward to today and we have what is known as the knife war. Many Israelis have been attacked by Arabs in major cities. Children have been pulled off bicycles and knifed as young as 11 years old. The bible warns us that the days are wicked and will get worse until messiah returns. We have seen a definite turn fulfilling that biblical word lately all over the world. Paris Attacks on every day citizens are causing more Jews to flee, pack up and start new in Israel the Jewish homeland. San Bernardino Ca. this week too has Jews there also wanting to leave and return to Israel. Last week the chief immigration Rabbi for Jews in Belgium announced he too is leaving Brussels to come home to Israel for good. We have to wonder why this coming back to Israel is taking place now so quickly. It can be for such a time as this the Lord gathers his people (this flock) to be here when he plans to return. Russia too has suddenly taken center stage with Iran and China. It is all unfolding as told in the bible. Russia and Israel’s Prime Minister have been very close lately too. The alliances are ripe for peace treaties and making a Palestinian state in which the Vatican already acknowledges as a state. The end time is very near it seems according to the events taking place now and snowballing faster.


Personally we narrowly escaped the three knifings in our downtown area while at the doctor this month! We left the area and returned to pick up the goods we had purchased and during our short time of leaving the attacks happened exactly where we had been an hour before. A volunteer group had joined us in singing and praises only one month earlier at the very spot the terrorist was caught! We believe the power of Jesus Christ and the songs honoring his name at that place somehow manifested at the moment evil came to our city. The Lord promises that where praises of his people are he is that he is in the midst. All glory to God and also many have died from the knife wounds but the people in our city were spared! The victims include an 80 year old woman stabbed in the back. The days are truly so dark and we must be pressing in to our Savior to be ready for his return when we do not expect it. May we as believers in Messiah be trimming our lamps draw closer to our Lord and be found ready and worthy at Jesus return.


We have cultivated a few more places for our humanitarian efforts and took an ad in the paper this week to let the community know more. We reached out to a Veteran’s home and also a children’s new school where Shlomy attended as a child. We will celebrate Hanukkah (the festival of the miracle lights) with seniors giving them lovely pretty warm blue new blankets to cheer them. The state of Israel has cut major funding for these elderly places and the humanitarian work we do is so appreciated. We received letters of thanks from local officials. This is much thanks to you, our partners who make this happen! We can’t thank you enough for supporting praying and encouraging the people of Israel. Yet there is more. We have actively been able to share the gospel message and Shlomy’s testimony on a regular basis with fellow Israelis. As highly trained evangelists and operating many years in the local field this is our goal. The mood here in the Holy Land is a bit frightening as many will not go outside due to fear of the knife war all over Israel. Yet the hope of Israel, Jesus, Yeshua Ha Mashiach is shown in our materials we freely give in Hebrew. This is taking root in many hearts as people again see they need to look to God. The God of Israel waits for Israel all day long the bible says, he waits with open arms. They will receive him it is promised and we labor to that goal while standing on God’s true words and promise that “all Israel shall be saved”. Awake Israel has begun to support an Arabic speaking Israeli pastor who travels to Finland to teach refuges about Christ in their language. He travels monthly now with a church established there. Not everyone can reach the refugees with the gospel but he has seen over 100 come to faith and baptize them. The refugees who came to faith declared they understand why they were driven from Syria now. They were led by God to find Jesus Christ. This is a rare opportunity to encourage the saving grace of Christ to all. The Syrians are Muslims so they are in amazement the gifts came from Jews who love Messiah and live in Israel! What a testimony and a mirror of Yeshua. If you’d like to send them an encouraging note we will give it to the Arabic Christian Pastor who is a friend of ours many years. He will pass on your notes of love should you wish us to do that.  Lastly we have gathered below a page of the year in photos on our last page, some of the good things happening in Israel! We know you’ll be encouraged as you have personally encouraged this wonderful works of God here. May God never forget your kindness to us as we labor.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year with all our love from Zion!!


Rev. Shlomy and Miriam Abramov


Above pix Figure Our volunteers evangelism teams/ This praise team may have helped stop our cities terrorist.



                                                                                                     Shlomy hand delivers food to the needy and to shut ins


A happy recipient of our new blankets at a senior home



Volunteers for our help to the Needy center (The Joseph Center Israel) from Kentucky Bible facility


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Miriam at the center training on site volunteers who came to help




A big Merry Messiahmass from on the Temple mount and shout of thanks and gratitude for you from on high. ****Kindly remember if you’d like to make a year-end gift make checks to Awake Israel. Thank you.