School of evangelism and gospel participation guidelines

Desire to be flexible as to when, where and how outreach and methods are used.
Desire to share Yeshua in Israel.
Letter of recommendation from a local pastor or home group leader.
Application accepted by Awake Israel.
Full cooperation with leaders (a submissive heart in Israel for outreach and travel is vital).
All flight arrangements must be made by participant including airport pick up (very easy). flights must be within a two day range of other travelers as we are a group. A minimum of two people. Groups and sight seeing are dependant upon Awake Israel avialability to accomadate you. Also upon persons availability to come.
You will spend time learning how and why we should share God's love for Israel as we go to places of Yeshua.
We will have a brief time of orientation upon arrival.
This trip includes gospel witness and learning as you go with experienced evangelists.
Methods used and places of sharing is at the discretion of Awake Israel due to


sensitivity on the subject in the land.
Some days may include helping communities with various needs. Other days may only be prayer walks etc.
Outreach is planned for at least half the days of your stay.

Tourist visa needed.

7-14 day trips with small groups are standard rules. Other requests will be considered prayerfully on an individual basis (needs for church groups, larger groups or longer duration). Three or more days suggested for travel on your own (dead sea, Eilat etc.) Details of travel will be provided.